My pet peeves

….or more specifically, people I don’t like (generically):

1.  Control freaks or micromanagers.  How are you ever going to do anything right if someone is controlling you or telling you what to do every step of the way?  The only thing that can be controlled perfectly is a machine, and I am not a machine (nor are you)!  Plus, how can you ever be original or creative when someone is telling you what to do every step of the way?

2. Bean counters, more concerned about numbers (not just dollars and cents, but anything that can be quantified, such as how much paper you use, how long your computer has been turned on, how much coffee you drink, etc.–believe it or not, I’ve been called on the carpet for all of these things!) rather than quality of your work.  What incentive does this give you to be creative and imaginative if all they care about are numbers?

3.  People with a “take no prisoners” attitude who belittle others. Or just as bad think because you made one mistake that you’re no good at anything. Or don’t consider the fact that we learn and grow over time–just be patient! Or that they weren’t always perfect either–in other words, they were in our shoes at one time also! Maybe they’re taking out their revenge intended for others on us instead. Let’s face it, none of us are perfect.  At the same time, however, how can they expect you to get better if all they tell you is “Improve or else!” or worse, “You’re no good and never will be!”  It’s better to encourage rather than belittle.

4.  Bullies.  Nuff said right there.

A person can be more than one of these, and frequently is.  Truth be told, the behavior of people like this says more about people who behave this way then the person under their responsibility.  By treating others so negatively, they’re not helping anyone, but instead, trying to cover up their own weaknesses and insecurities–and ultimately, revealing themselves as the failures they really are.


About libertarianmathprof

I'm a college Math Professor, and have been since 2002 after teaching HS Math for a year. I teach mostly entry level subjects such as Prealgebra and Algebra, but enjoy teaching classes that have logic or statistics as part of the content (something that goes beyond just doing arithmetic). Prior to that, I worked for 25 years as an actuary specializing in the design and administration of retirement plans for small businesses. My interests include, in no particular order: Libertarian politics Economics, particularly Austrian economics and political economics Female acoustic singer-songwriters, the more unknown, the better Oldies from the pre-British invasion era, when pop music radio stations played everything from Jimmy Dean to Buddy Holly to Johnny Cash to Lawrence Welk, and it sounded all so natural together (and you can actually understand the words as you sing along with the songs word for word) Puzzles, particularly logic-based puzzles such as Sudukos NPR Will Short's puzzle on WESUN Baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals in particular The Cleveland Browns of the 1960's (led by QB Frank Ryan, perhaps the only NFL player with a Ph.D. in Mathematics) The NCAA men's basketball tournament The Winter Olympics Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the most famous person you've never heard of. Her nonviolent and tireless pursuit of democracy for Burma (and don't call it Myanmar as long as those nutcases with OCD continue their illegal rule of this nation) makes her one of the true heroes of our time--and perhaps of all time. You go girl! When in the car, if I'm not listening to CD's, I listen to: WFAE ("Your NPR News Source")--Charlotte's NPR affiliate. Mostly during the NPR news shows during drive time WNCW--eclectic music legend out of Western North Carolina. WNCW plays just about anything--what it doesn't play is easier to describe than what it does play WSGE--"your independent music source" from Gaston College. Exists in a parallel universe and overlaps a lot with WNCW. WRBK ("Classic Oldies")--automated noncommercial FM station out of Chester County, SC whose playlist is about as broad as you can get (1950's through the early 1980's) unless it's..... WAIZ ("63 Big Ways") a recreation of the legendary Charlotte top 40 station from the 60's airing out of Hickory, NC. Usually infested with static, but the static is a minor inconvenience to be able to hear oldies ignored by most other radio stations. WAVO, from Rock Hill, SC. Does for standards what Big Ways does for pre-British invasion oldies. Also WAVO and Big Ways overlap a lot, with both playing some of the greatest music ever recorded that doesn't get played too many places! 650 AM WSM ("The Legend") when I'm driving home late at night after teaching night classes. The station that made the Grand Ole Opry Famous KMOX from St. Louis. Flagship station for the St. Louis Cardinals. That says it all!
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